In the medical world these experiences have been researched and results reveal increased endorphin release, which physiologically enables a healing response within the body on both physical and emotionally levels.

Joseph Campbell, scholar, writer and teacher, feels the western world needs to return to the rituals and ceremonies of long ago. The arts are the tangible objects of the ceremonies and rituals that provide the vehicle for creative expression and documentation: dance, music, performance, literature and the visual arts. These byproducts connect one with another in a thoughtful celebration, linking persons of like philosophies and shared human concerns.

The arts are very special in their ability to communicate across cultural and intellectual borders.
They have a power that is not completely understood; a power to initiate a positive internal experience (some persons term this a spiritual experience) of Awe.
Many times the arts utilize the hands and the processes of reflection and shared communication, all conditions that distinguish humans from other forms of life.

Ceremonies or rituals are the streams and rivers through which the very soul of a culture and its people flow.
These ceremonies and rituals many be repeated from one generation to another or change as the people of that community move toward new identities and in different directions. This is a normal process of evolving-life is not stagnant.
Ceremonies and rituals provide a sense of physical unity and psychological security that promote harmony and balance for participating members in this very chaotic and disconnected world.

Welcome to Emancipation Marathon III
The Annual Emancipation Marathon is a continuous series of reading.
This event is held annually to commemorate June 19th, 1865, the date news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached slaves in Galveston, Texas (Supposedly the last slaves freed on American Soil).

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The arts educate and help in the process to resolve conflicts. Since the beginning of time symbols have been used to communicate ideas.
Those symbols have transferred into the spoken word and written language.

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