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COBA was formed in 1983 to support the exhibition "Animals, Birds & Myths in African Art" at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. Dr. Eugene Grigsby, art educator, agreed to the support request on the condition that the event would involve the African American community in the planning and the producing of the exhibition.

In the past 17 years this original group of community art and social/cultural activists has gone on to sponsor arts workshops, yearly Martin Luther King celebrations, symposia, lectures and major fund raising biennial dinners. These African Heritage Recognition dinners have brought guest national and international personalities to Phoenix as honored speakers.

COBA members help to provide an understanding of the arts of African and African Americans. This organization supports the arts in schools and reinforces the importance of including information about all artists. A yearly, juried high school art exhibition is presented with financial awards to talented winners in a number of categories.
During the summer months COBA sponsors an inner city youth art education program that focuses on the design and completion of a public art project...
...or a city hall exhibition that showcases the talent of these deserving young people. COBA provides opportunities to fulfill challenges for participants that nurture these youths' creative talents.