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ASU West Campus, Fletcher Library Exhibition 2017

Six months of artistic visual arts and reflective writings showcased, honored and celebrated during a reception on Feb 10th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

This past Friday was a community collaboration comprised of so many amazing South Mt. Magnet Arts students, their teachers, ASU administrators, professional artists, guests and passersby on the Campus of ASU West and in Fletcher Library Sharing our HUMANITY and STORIES... Dennis Isbell, Administrator & Librarian, Director-Fletcher Library, welcomed an audience of 180 South Mt. H.S. Magnet arts students, teachers and professional artists honoring and celebrating each one’s artworks. Margaret Rodriguez, Exhibit Coordinator, is our direct contact and logistics representative. Thank you both; they open these doors to all of us with total compassion and respect for this work.

Jeff Kunes and Erik Erspamer, South Mt. visual arts administrators, introduced all the teachers and professional artists. They both thanked the Cultural Arts Coalition for supporting and promoting this community cultural, PUBLIC EDUCATION and sustainable programing.

Mitra Kamali spoke of her immigration to this country, the result of Iran being taken over by a dictatorship in the early 80's; and her observance of the commitment by the USA to hold a space for freedom and democracy...

I am so grateful to be able to speak to the youth about the value and importance of HUMAN solidarity in our world. Thuong Nguyen and Oliverio Bacells added to this conversation by encouraging the youth to finish their education and use their creative endeavors to support our Humanity and the human rights of All...

We are very fortunate to have a videographer on staff to record the stories of 8 of the student artists for a documentary concerning this community, collaborative partnership.

Thank you Taylor and Eric, Lukewarm Productions, LLC., Taylor Luke

Thank you Ashley Hare for being present, from the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, to discuss the work of the Cultural Arts Coalition with Melanie Ohm.

The Cultural Arts Coalition’s role played out a finale event through the interaction by everyone on campus in coloring the 20 foot diameter, chalk mandala instructed by Olivero Balcells. It was such meaningful FUN!!! The outlining occurred before South Mountain youth arrived at 08:30...

Oliverio Balcells, an immigrant from Jalisco, Mexico, his paintings reflect the sustainability of a Pre Columbian culture of the Huicholes, living in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.

Oliverio initially met with 18 students in Jeff Kunes' art class at South Mt. H.S. December 1st. Michael Butzine had been contracted to assist with the logistics and take photos of all the interactions concerning this exhibition/reception along with Paul Hillman. It takes a village!

These same students in addition to many other persons chalked in this unique and collaborative, interactive and meaningful work of art.

Meanwhile the high school students broke into groups and toured the following areas of the campus for over an hour. Many thanks are given to all of the professors that accommodated these young persons...

ASU Recruitment staff and faculty met students at the library to review programs…

10:30am to 11:30am - Media Lab: Patricia Clarke; 10:30am-11:30am Gallery and UCB Basement: Marianne Kim ; 10:30am-11:30am Recording Studio: Barry Moon

10:30am to 11:30am - Dennis Marsollier available to show off spaces.

Sack lunches from S. Mt. were available for all their students to eat on campus.

Please enjoy this final day’s performance of thanks by the precision movement of these South Mt. students!!

Photo Narrative by judy butzine, MSW, Director of the CAC and curator.

Cultural Arts Coalition exhibition at Fletcher Library, ASU West Campus: "How Traditions Inspire Today's Artists". Enjoy this Ode to the Arts and Our Holly Parsons, Poet Laureate for the Cultural Arts Coalition.

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