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Camelback H.S. G.A.I.N. & International Day of Peace Gathering

September 21, 2015, Camelback H.S.

Yesterday the International Day of Peace was celebrated around the world with a gathering at the United Nations with many global leaders. In our community at Camelback H.S. Ken Koshio and his team of John Paul and Eriko boomed in this celebration for 2,200 plus students on campus in a very meaningful manner.

The AVID junior & senior classes selected community social challenges to focus on bringing resources to classmates. Their teachers, Diane Sayre and Kay Olson, have provide wonderful guidance for these students to complete their research and planning.

The student body experienced the day with AZ Humanities passing out books, the police dept. engaging along with the ACLU and Youth For Human Rights Organization. All this and art making on a canvas designed by the artist in resident, Mike Butzine, from information provided by AVID students to hang in the school library answering the WHY? of one’s direction in LYFE leading to graduation...It was a day of empowerment around action of community service for all!

While other spaces were created for innovative activities....

Safety is a key issue in any community and realtionship building with Mt. View police community action team facilitated by Officer Mary Roestenberg is essential.

The AVID students not only invited social service providers , but created their own informative presentations.

I had a wonderful time talking to students about the importance of knowing their rights, getting involved in their community, reading banned books and reporting police abuse! I also love meeting up with great people there who are making a difference in the lives of these lovely students. It is important to note that there were so many elements of the arts for students to enjoy from painting, to beading, peace crane folding and drumming. What an amazing school wide event! - Dulce Juarez

Ken Koshio, Internationally recognized Taiko drummer and peace maker was on stage for 2 hours sending out words of peace and resilience to these students.

Beaded bracelets created with intentions for acts of peace building & spokespersons from Island Liaison were present. Ten of their youth attend this campus as students. Claudia represents the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia. Tilda Jesse, Island Liaison Community Outreach Volunteer and students from Guam and the Marshall Islands.

There were more than 2,200 students who experienced the day with AZ Humanities passing out books (thank you Ellie and Samantha) for students to read to those younger than themselves...

...and art making on a canvas designed by the artist in resident from information provided from AVID students to hang in the school library.

The AVID students assisted in the making of origami cranes to once again generate thoughts leading to peace around the world...These same students set goals at the beginning of the new school year to support their own issues of community concerns:

Domestic Violence & Sexism, Feeding the Hungry, Drug Awareness, MADD and Recycling of Trash.

Some just wanted to have FUN!

We are grateful for the opportunity to present this kind of youth development and leadership programming on the Camelback campus through the efforts of Assistant-Principal of Instruction Matt Georgia.

The Balsz Promise Neighborhood Youth Advisory Council (BPN YAC) who orchestrated this event are sponsored by Valley of the Sun United Way. The drummers and visual artist were funded by this sponsorship as well as the position of the Director of the BPN YAC. We are also grateful for Dr. Jeffrey Smith, Balsz District Superintendent,

and Kara Batdorf from Councilwoman Kate Gallego’s office for coming. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful program to provide community social service resources and information to all.

The "Y" of LYFE Informed by AVID Scholars: Go Sp'ART'ans...
Dr. BOYCE, Principal, welcomed both the Camelback H.S. staff and students
back to school addressing the “WHY?" of One’s pursuit for future success.
The AVID juniors and seniors 2015-2016, chose to Visually INTERPRET their Dreams and Intentions:
TO EMBRACE the metaphor of the TREE OF Kn"OWL"edge
Linking to past and future SCHOLARSHIP
TO FOLLOW The FLOW of the streams and the rivers which
Guide individuals on this JOURNEY
TO MOVE in Peace, Compassion and Harmony with OUR SURROUNDINGS
and TO have FUN!

(Artist in residence Michael Butzine, 9/21/2015)

The triptych mural is 9 feet wide by 4 feet high.

Photo Narrative by judy butzine, MSW, Director of the BPN YAC 602.375.9553