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ASU Graduate Social Work Students
at peacePlace April 18, 2015.

Saturday night Dr. Fei Sun brought his ASU graduate social work class to peacePlace to share their "photo voice" projects. Catering was provided by the school; and Director of School of Social Work, Michelle Carney was present to enjoy all of the activities. Chinese social workers were in Phoenix to also participate in the fun of the evening which included drumming and dancing facilitated by Keith Johnson, Muslimah Hameed and C-c Braun (both board members) as well as all of the artworks housed within this non-profit office. Thank you Francisco Garcia...and Melanie Ohm.

Education is the cornerstone of a peaceful and tolerant society...

We are very grateful to Dr. Sun for initiating this gathering at the Cultural Arts Coalition’s non-profit historic home/office. Derrick did an amazing job as the MC for the evening... Director Carney discussed the need for social work students to be actively engaged in many aspects of the community during their time at ASU

Photo Voice presentations

"Art is explored from the perspective that self-expression can be a powerful experience that raises consciousness for the person who created it as well as her/his audience." Jill Chonody

Keith...I welcome you with open arms...

Francisco Garcia discussed his painting created during the discussion of SB1070 as a means to establish a civic dialogue in the community on immigration.

We welcomed and thanked all of the participants who came to peacePlace to share a couple hours of unity together...and leave behind their intentions for the future

The planting of a peace sculpture for the community at peacePlace Jan 4, 2015.

Vietnamese refugee finds answers, home in his art, an Arizona Republic news release about Thuong Nguyen on Dec, 15th 1994. A quote from article: "... he uses found objects in his art as witness and evidence of the struggles of man and nature over time."

Thank you Everyone for coming to peacePlace and leaving part of your positive energy behind...Blessings, judy & Melanie

Photo narrative created by judy butzine, MSW April 19, 2015