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Getting Actively Involved in our Neighborhoods

Camelback High School - November 2014

The day begins with Matt Georgia, Camelback Vice-Principal of Instruction, and Josh Rosenbaum, AVID teacher, ushering in the G.A.I.N. event at Camelback H.S., a first ever G.A.I.N. programming at a local high school...November 1, 2014.

Booths set up by Balsz Promise Neighborhood Youth Advisory Council (BPN YAC) students.

These youth councils are funded by Valley of the Sun United Way under the direction of Joyce Lopez-Powell, Community Impact, and facilitated by judy butzine, MSW, Director of the BPN YAC and Lori Robinson, BPN Community Liaison.

We are also very thankful to our community representatives who came to pass on their important information about challenging social issues in our everyday lives:

American Fdn. For Suicide Prevention and Youth for Human Rights instruction...

Kay Olson and Josh, AVID teachers at Camelback, will be bringing in this Human Rights teaching tool to the classroom after the first of the new year and creating students’ Public Service Announcements through the BPN YAC programming.

Arizona Animal Welfare League, the oldest and largest no-kill shelter in Arizona, benefits the community in so many ways...

Councilwoman Kate Gallego, District 8, was on campus to meet & support Camelback High School programming in the community... Kate will return to the campus on Tuesday, Nov. 25th to the AVID sophomore classroom to discuss the Sister Cities Foreign Exchange programming for high school students.

Kate also had a chance to check in with Martin Moreno, Governor’s art award winning artist working alongside the students to create this mural...

We are Camelback High School student leaders who are passionate about ongoing education and giving back to the community. We represent our peers by planning projects and events that support and unify our diverse neighborhoods; setting an example that promotes generosity and compassion for humanity.

Josh had made arrangements for the local Folklorico dancers to come and perform...

This traditional dance supports united families and through their practice instills discipline and commitment to the group. We are grateful for this preservation of family values and beliefs that contribute back to healthy communities...

What a beautiful way to enjoy a community event — Getting Actively Involved in our Neighborhoods (G.A.I.N).

There were other public officials that came to honor and celebrate the community engagement activities generated at Camelback by the students and staff...

Christopher Lanter, District 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s Aide. He is shown here with Mary Moore, BPN Adult Council Advisory and community builder in this area for many years. Thank you Mary for everything you do in these neighborhoods. And thank you Dr. Smith Superintendent of Balsz School District and his wife, plus Lori Robinson for being present.

Mayor Stanton was also on site to welcome this event and all of its contributors to Camelback High School. Ebony Gonzales-Wilson, BPN YAC member, had recently returned From Washington, D.C., having been honored for winning a national competition to focus on reducing poverty in half in 10 years. Ebony’s PSA and Visual art expression won her this award...

We are also very thankful for Valley of the Sun United Way contributing funds to pay for our muralist and the 200 sack lunches provided by UMOM through their catering services under the direction of Danielle Roberts.

End of the day and a quick debriefing between judy, Matt and Josh reflecting upon the gratitude for all the wonderful experiences and relationships nurtured in just a few hours. This first time program has a strong foundation and will be recreated next year...!!!

Photo Narrative created by judy butzine, MSW, Director BPN YAC and co-founder/Director of

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