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Honoring and Celebrating All at peacePlace July 12, 2014

Ebony Gonzales-Dixon has completed 7 weeks of internship facilitated by the Cultural Arts Coalition (CAC) staff...Her journal is on the table as one enter the house.

Ebony requested this internship , the result of her past two years as a very active participant within the Balsz Promise Neighborhood Youth Advisory Council at (BPNYAC) Gateway Early College High School after school programming.

The day was dedicated to Dr. Jefferson Eugene Grigsby former mentor to judy butzine, co-director of the CAC, who was passing on the torch of community service and leadership to Ebony.

Dr. Grigsby’s lithograph welcomed the guests to peacePlace...Mitra Kamali’s artwork was also at the front door as a representation of Education and the need for KNOWLEDGE... (Through my art, I share my personal belief in the unity of humanity. - Mitra)

Ebony’s family was present to support her as they have all her life. Clottee Hammons, artist activist and HIV counselor, who opened her door to Ebony and Joyce during the 17th year of the Emancipation Marathon on June 21, was also there. Clottee was the first guest speaker at the BPNYAC on October 1st to discuss the concept of one’s ancestors and freedom.

Mr. Dixon discussed the value of the Black Panther movement, Detroit the 60’s, to protect rights of the neighborhood children living in poverty and the power of EDUCATION. Mr. Dixon was one of 16 children. His mother is still alive at 96 years of age living in Detroit. She received her high school diploma when she was 95!

Following Mr. Dixon’s informative stories, Estela Moler and Luke Black introduced themselves and explained the roles they play in community and in this past 7 weeks of relationship building with Ebony. Estela is the acting coach and Luke is the Equal Voices Facilitator @ Arizona Community Action Association

We then ventured to another space to watch the Public Service Announcement created by Ebony and the DVD produced by Juan Cuevas...

Eliminating poverty starts with YOU!! You and I have the power to reduce poverty by standing up and uniting with our community while providing services and resources for the less fortunate. According to the Arizona census, 31.30% of youth under the age of 18 live in poverty today.

Through community service, research and knowledge, you and I have the capacity to end this cycle. Let us unite in our neighborhoods, build solid relationships to provide services and secure resources for the less fortunate. PAY IT FORWARD! GIVE BACK...

It was a morning to be grateful for soooo.... much. THANK YOU EBONY, judy