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On the Road Exhibition/Reception at ASU West, Fletcher Library, Feb. 6th.

Curated by Janet Broyles and former South Mt. High School students/teachers, 1995-2010 (SOUTHarts) Sponsored by the Cultural arts Coalition. We wish to thank the administration and staff at the library for this opportunity to hang these yearly exhibitions featuring the arts that communicate ideas about a community issue leading to social justice. It is a gift to be present in this inviting space. Thank you Dennis and Margaret...

In attendance: CAC Board Members, curators, students, community members and family...It was like a big reunion for many who have not seen one another in years....

Thank you Ladies from the CAC

Curators: Janet Broyles with Mike and Mark....

Honoring of Mentors who have guided not only the student artists on their journey , but promoted community service in their neighborhoods for many years...a lifetime of being On the Road...

The special scenes and environments that affect us as we move from place to place...

...and the critters we meet along the way...

The objects of remembrance that hold a place dear to our hearts as we move forward: Hair in a locket from a loved ancestoróBeads as barter that brought slaves to the Americas in chains. Mementos of being On the Road.

The murals in our community that tell us stories about persons and events around us that link to history and current situations of social need. They can be easily viewed as we drive the streets...

The love of family members seen in their eyes and held in the memories of ongoing generations of family and children...

A can of tuna dropped at a border crossing as persons try to create a better life for their loved ones and self. An arduous journey On the Road.

These community exhibitions are presented to the public as a means:

∑ To SEE and critically process the meaning within the artwork

∑ Stimulates communication and a way to promote civic dialogue.

∑ The exhibition is an equalitarian process that brings many personal points of view and reflections from diverse perspectives to one collective body of work focusing on a specific theme.

∑ And finally the exhibition celebrates the participants including the viewers who take the time to recognize themselves in these visual artsí stories and what that story may relate to oneself as a human being.

Photo narrative by judy butzine, MSW, cofounder/codirector of the Cultural Arts Coalition

The Mission of the Cultural Arts Coalition, Arizona: 501 (c) 3, a nonpartisan organization in existence since 2005: stimulates creative, analytical and leadership development for personal transformation and collective change through celebrations and multidisciplinary learning experiences.