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International Day of Peace 2013

Sat. Sept 21st, 2013, the CAC celebrated the International Day of Peace @ peacePlace. More than 40 individuals from countries around the world and our community came to Honor and Celebrate persons’ lives who have contributed to Acts of Peace Building.

Melanie Ohm welcomed everyone and introduced the morning program with an overview on the history of the United Nations declared Day of Peace around the world.

Poetry was read in Farsi and English by Mitra Kamali giving honor and respect to her father a Persian poet laureate: "In Search of Truth". I have created a world like a rare pearl that grows within a raw oyster... I carry the good and the bad of my days of life... Mitra has been a part of our arts community for 20 years volunteering her time to tell the stories of her Persian ancestors.

There is always joyful drumming and dancing led by Muslimah Hameed and Keith Johnson for us to enjoy including the Sierra Linda H.S. students instructed by C-c Braun.

The high school dancers then led us to the front of the house to continue peaceful and interactive movement around the peace pole...

concluding with the setting of individual silent intentions for peace during the coming year and the lighting of candles.

Afterwards we shared a meal...quiches made by Ingrid Hirtz

I love feeding people. It is a very personal thing for me to make the food you eat and I feel privileged to provide it to you. It makes my life meaningful to contribute to your well- being and enjoyment by making healthy foods tasty and fun to eat. Thank you Ingrid.

Following our time of visiting and enjoying a wonderful brunch we gathered to create a collage of persons we honor. Mitra Kamali and Clottee Hammons began the process by posting images of loved ones and others who have contributed significnatly to many persons’ lives or specifically our own. Clottee discussed “Dred Scott” (Dred_Scott_v._Sandford) who made possible the Freedom and safety of all persons, while Melanie Ohm gave honor to Nelson Mandela... “Nelson Mandela’s years of silence in prison deepened his awareness of something profound within himself—genuine compassion. It manifested itself through him as he led a divided nation, South Africa, through a period of healing and reconciliation”.

Even our students from Sierre Linda High School posted images of loved ones and family.

This event was a celebration of honoring and respect for all of the participants. Through ceremony, we celebrate the achievements they have made and the successful impact they have on their chosen communities. The sustainability for a single life, or a community, rests in the relationships built, the beneficial and purposeful partnerships created, the vision pursued with intent, and the confident acceptance of responsibility for one’s future. Community rituals of celebration assist participants to examine and explore their authentic self and discover that “Just to be is a blessing” (Hustedde, Ronald & King, Betty, 2002, Rituals: emotions, community faith in soul and the messiness of life, Community Development Journal, 37:4, pp. 338-348).

We are thankful for everyone who came to share this community ritual of celebration!

May Peace Prevail UPON the EArth for All and let it begin with Me...

Photo narrative by judy butzine. Posted September 29, 2013