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On My Way to peacePlace to Celebrate Changes!!
Michele Frazier, June 1, 2013

Melanie Ohm and Holly continue welcoming our guests as the day unfolds.

The celebration begins with Melanie embracing the morning with a humming/chanting, guided meditation to fill our bodies and the space with amazing energy.

Holly Parsons reads an inspirational poem called "Journey", from her book of poetry, Soul of A Woman - A Collection of 109 poems.

And Patricia Federico provides the blessing to set our intentions for transformation, passing the earth from a sacred site in Mexico to ground each of us... "Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your invite. I thoroughly loved being in the sacred space of many with like-minded spirits."

Muslimah Hammed and Keith Johnson, drumming, facilitate a movement activity for us that sets our intentions into the deepest part of our internal being and then moves us to release them in dance to the heavens. Muslimah began this interactive experience by connecting us to our bodies from head to toes, then moving us outside into the garden...

Finally through our continued, thoughtful dance Muslimah guides us to send our intentions upward to the heart beat of the drumming by Keith...Thank you both for orchestrating this powerful, intentional act of movement.

"Art is nothing if not teaching, for it teaches us, in various ways on various levels, about nature, about ideas, about ourselves, and about itself." Robert Grudin, -- "The Grace of Great Things"

Fatimah Halim wrote: "I had such a wonderful time. . .thanks for reminding my body what it's been missing Muslimah - I have to come down to Lendo's class soon. And thank you Judy Butzine and Melanie Ohm for bringing and being true love in our community. You are sincerely loved and appreciated."

In a state of loving reverence for the day, Keiko Conn provided the Blessing in Japanese and Hawaiian over our shared meal.

Aloha ! Judy and Melanie sama. Thank you very much for including me at special day. I was so honored to be included and to celebrate with everybody. Thank you again for your love and friendship. Keiko Conn

Guests ate and visited enjoying the day of celebration while having time to enjoy new friends.

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds were present...

As the morning activities extended into the afternoon, longtime friends, Zarco & Carmen deNovais, also reconnected as we continue to support those community collaborations that promote and support sustainable community building relationships nurturing our neighborhoods and families.

Thank you for the lovely morning at the peace place Colleen-christine Braun-Kubit

(A community comment when learning about the events at peacePlace) I just LOVE your "PEACE PLACE" Michele, I just might incorporate it in my classroom next school term ...It can replace my "Quiet Corner"...the place where my kids go when they don't feel like being bothered...thx in advance Friend


May Peace Prevail UPON the EArth for All; and Let it begin with Me...

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