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Echos... South Mountain High School Retrospective

January 18 - March 8, 2013

Thursday evening (Feb. 7th) an art exhibition/reception was held for former students, teachers and artist in residence from South Mountain High School (SMHS), whose visual arts and poetry are on exhibition throughout the ASU West Fletcher Library. The Cultural Arts Coalition (CAC-example from last year has curated community art installations at this location for the past 6 years thanks to the Fletcher Library administration/staff, Dennis Isbell and Margaret Rodriquez.

This year Janet Broyles, former SMHS teacher, and Marc Arvallo (class of 2009) are the curators, sponsored by the CAC. The SMHS teachers’/students’ and artists’ artworks from the greater Phoenix area are exhibited, expanding the former students’ creativity opportunities to be honored, promoting the visual realities of their hopes for the future. This year’s theme is “Echoes...”, the ongoing stories and journeys of everyone’s lives. The exhibition will be on view until March 8, 2013. Please come and enjoy this retrospective of artistic creation by many from our community.

According to Marc, “this exhibit has tapped into each of the participating artists’ lives. Through the process of making art, we are reminded of who we are, where we came from and where we have yet to go. But ultimately this exhibit has shown us how closely connected and united we truly are as students, as artists, and as humans.”

“Echoes” alumni artists: Marc Arvallo (2009), Jill Arvallo Canez (1998), Esli Carrillo (2009), Reggie Casillas (2001), Gloria Casillas-Martinez (2001), CiCi Chanthavong (2009), Dominic Contreras (2000), Amelec Diaz (2009), Dain Quentin Gore (1995), Ashley Hale (2007), Lisa Jumper (2001), Regina Lechuga (1999), Mike Mejia (1998), Maryam Muhammad (2007), Gabriela Munoz (2000), Teresa Munoz (2000), Stephanie Perry (2000), Yolanda Pruitt (2010), Nathan Redwood (1997), Chris Robinson (1998), Haley Robinson (2002), Kelvonnah Stidhum (2009),David Wiersch (1998)

Artists-in-Residence: Ron Bimrose, Judy Butzine, Cindy Gray, Dr. Eugene Grigsby, Linda Ingraham, Dr. Gail Jamieson, Annie Lopez, Gabriela Munoz, Teresa Munoz, Carol Panaro-Smith, Christy Puetz, Nathan Redwood, Joe Willie Smith, Steven Yazzie

Three generations of a student’s family enjoying the student’s artworks

Judy Butzine, co-founder of the Cultural Arts Coalition states: “The South Mountain teachers and students have routinely exhibited within our community, and is so doing, have expanded the students’ creativity and have allowed them to visualize the realities of their present and their hopes for the future.”

Former SMHS students, teachers and artist in residence all meet and greet during the reception.

Retired teachers deliver their art for exhibition before opening reception

South Mountain HS Teachers:
Janet Broyles Jewelry & Fiber Arts,
Digital Photography
Cathy Cimellaro Computer Art
Tim Ewald Drawing & Painting
Sebastiao Pereira Drawing & Painting
Mike Prepsky Ceramics
Susan Rawdin Traditional Photography
George Reiley Sculpture
Sonny Sholola Drawing & Painting

Thank you Janet and Marc—Wonderful exhibition and event shared by ALL...

Photo Narrative by judy butzine, Cultural Arts Coalition: Celebrating Global Connections