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Community Day of Thanksgiving event Dia de Gracias Comunitario on October 29, 2011.

A Day of Thanksgiving begins with the dawn of the sun in our interconnected world.

It was a thoughtful morning fulfilling one goal of the nonprofit, Cultural Arts Coalition @ peacePlace, providing a safe gathering site for all of us to unite and give thanks for all we have been provided. Gracias to Dear Dulce, our hostess!!! She is an amazing young woman... We are truly interdependent on this big planet.

The circle of dance giving intentions of gratitude was facilitated by Dr. Pegge Vissicaro with lots of interaction to the beat set by Keith Johnson. Baile, tambores, musica folclorica, arte y comida!

The paintings surrounding the area focused on the reoccurring theme of the interconnectedness of all life and the need to respect and honor persons of diverse cultures. Artworks by Francisco Garcia and Dennis Numkena, Hopi.

Woodland neighbors were invited and came by to learn more about peacePlace; and suggest how we may contribute to this special community.

Todos estan invitados, los ninos tambien.

To bring closure to the "heart beat of the earth movement with purpose" everyone joined in a tight circle to become a united group... This dance score was taught to both Pegge and judy by Anna Halprin, Planetary Dance™ - A Community Dance of Planetary Healing

Meanwhile inside/outside conversations were an ongoing part of the day’s flow. Time to reconnect with friends and learn more about current community arts building projects in schools and jails with juveniles... (Robert Miley, Release the Fear

Others created beaded bracelets as a symbolic connection to thoughts of gratitude and thanksgiving to wear and reflect upon the day’s happenings.

C-c Braun, dance instructor at Sierra Linda H.S., brought her talented dancers for the day to perform dances of thanksgiving and gratitude. Sierra Linda High School serves grades 9-12 in the Tolleson Union High School District.

C-c is a community artist and teacher providing opportunities for many to dance and express their inner most feelings through movement.

These youth were such a significant contribution to positive energy during the day’s activities.

The Cultural Arts Coalition could not function without the support of its board of directors who are committed to the mission and vision of this non-profit: Dr. Dianne Anderson-Nickel, music teacher at Lowell Elementary; Dr. Melanie Ohm, co-director of the CAC; Dulce Juarez, ASU Honors M.Ed. graduate; judy butzine; and Holly Parsons, poet, were all on site to share this meaningful day of celebration.

Holly wrote a poem to share with everyone that is noted below: peacePlace

In silent safety peacePlace prevails
From sacred seeds sown with care it hails...

Muslimah Hameed then guided us to the African drum rhythms produced by Keith and Phoebe Johnson and Dr. Music, Dianne.

This is such a fun interactive time for everyone to participate to the beat of the music...

Ken Koshio, Japanese musician, brought a peaceful conclusion to the day with his songs in Japanese and English of community building, thanksgiving, and "Imagining a World Living in Harmony and Peace".

"Art is nothing if not teaching, for it teaches us, in various ways on various levels, about nature, about ideas, about ourselves, and about itself." Robert Grudin, -- "The Grace of Great Things"

Robert Grudin is an interdisciplinary thinker concerned with the implications of human liberty.
His philosophical trilogy, Time and the Art of Living, The Grace of Great Things, and On Dialogue, examines questions of liberty and determinism in a variety of fields, with particular emphasis on psychology, politics, communications and creative endeavor (the arts). May Peace Prevail on the Earth for All.

peacePlace by: Holly A. Parsons ©2011

In silent safety peacePlace prevails
From sacred seeds sown with care it hails

A place of solace a place to cope
A place where artisans gather in hope

Community rejoices this Place for creatin
Celebrating Peace arts thrive with elation

Fragile yet mighty its influence grows
Shaping peace into practice wherever it goes

From the heart of the painter to the poets prose
In a musician’s mantra or a sculptured rose

A Place of Peace is a treasure indeed
Endearing our faith unified and freed