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Allyship for Health Providers and Healers:
A Workshop & Discussion - Aug 27, 2011

The Phoenix Urban Health Collective (PUHC) is a non-institutional collective of healthcare professionals and community health organizers who are dedicated to promoting community health among vulnerable populations in the Greater Phoenix Area.

Health care providers, healers and health workers were invited to this three-hour workshop and discussion on health and healing, trauma, and health justice work in Phoenix at peacePlace on August 27, 2011. The discussion was approached by looking at ways that trauma manifests in our communities and work, and developing basic tools for transformative practice. Medical providers and healers have often played a unique and important role in social movements. A conversation ensued to set the context in local immigrant rights organizing, and explore some ways that health care providers and healers may most effectively participate in local struggles for social justice.

"Diana Perez-Ramirez and myself, from the Advocacy team of the PUHC co-facilitated a 3-hour training for healthcare providers and healers around allyship and health justice. We discussed the impacts of trauma — both individual and social— in our world, and some of the ways that as healthcare providers and healers we can better participate in social movements to transform this city in moving away from oppression, injustice and trauma, and towards health, wellbeing and justice for all." - Leah Carnine

Here is one of the artful tools used to illustrate a closed system.

The tool was meant to express how the community pulls together when it experiences a social or environmental crisis. When open, it represents the many elements and people working together to heal the community by embracing and caring for everyone and all their needs: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

Two of the Board Members of the Cultural Arts Coalition were present and will participate with this project. The event occurred at peacePlace, the home of the Cultural Arts Coalition: celebrating global connections.

Photo narrative documentation by judy butzine and Dulce Juarez.