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Dedication of the Cultural Arts Coalition's peacePlace occurred on the evening of the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2011.

Judy Butzine & Melanie Ohm (co-directors of the CAC) gave honor to two board members, Silvia Rodriguez-Vega and Dulce Juarez; their guests who have provided so much love and support to these dear young women; as well as all those individuals who have contributed to the Cultural Arts Coalition over these many years.

Pegge Vissicaro (Terra Dance) began the evening's happenings with interactive movement bringing awareness of our interconnectedness to ALL Life. Pegge had created a "score" for the ritual and celebration of the Summer Solstice. This action coordinated the participants into a collective movement response acknowledging the six directions and concluding by focusing on the self & the sacred center we hold in community and to the earth.

According to ancient wisdom-keepers, Summer Solstice is the time when the Mother Goddess (Gaia) is viewed as heavily pregnant; the sun reaches the peak of its power; and the earth is green while she holds the promise of a bountiful harvest. Silvia & Dulce are the bearers of promise of a bountiful harvest for our community through their academic achievements.

Also in attendance and given acknowledgment/respect for their community arts endeavors were Carmen and Zarco Guerrero They have been engaged in this community arts/activism work for the past 15 years. They hold a place in our community for human rights... They sit in front of a painting created during an arts workshop facilitated with Robert Miley at Homes Boys & Girls Club called, "Brother Brother Stop", music by Sister Sledge also 15 years ago.

Melanie Ohm followed with a beautiful vocal interpretation of our collaborative intentions for this safe space.

Silvia and Dulce became the metaphor through performance of being birthed from the "Brown Earth" and the empowerment of themselves as women having been created in the color of Mother Earth.

Murals hung in rooms where much of the activity took place painted by Argentina artist Mari Rodriguez-Pope. Mari is involved in a collaboration between the ASU College of Nursing and Health Care Innovation & ASU School of Dance, coordinated by judy(CAC) at the Westward Ho, a HUD assisted property in downtown Phoenix.

We then moved through the house to the heart beat of Annie Loyd's drumming & the guided movement of Pegge accompanied by the pulsing rhythms of traditional rattles. Everyone loved this flow of humanity thru the home...

One of the primary goals of the CAC is to provide spaces and opportunities for persons of all ages & cultural backgrounds to engage in dialogue, experiences, and research that expand the definition and understanding of the role of the arts in enriching our daily lives in community and academic settings. That goal was achieved on this eve.

May Peace Prevail UPON the Earth for ALL...

Photo narrative by judy butzine June 25, 2011