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"Move & Dance 4 Joy!" Current Programming at the Westward Ho, Phoenix, Spring semester Jan - April 2011 (14 weeks).

A collaborative program of "Community Building" in an urban space. ASU College of Nursing & Health Innovation senior year students are on site to take vitals and provide additional wellness instruction under the guidance of Kay Jarrell, Clinical Nursing Instructor.

Phase # 1 Breath Control and Setting of Intention for Movement (personal)

Intentional movement begins with setting an intention onto a physical space with a personal object. This introductory action promotes an awareness of interconnectedness of all elements of life and the act that the participants are working together as ONE. The objects come from nature and are personal to each individual.

This tool of visual imagery when NOT using an object gives the individual an opportunity to IMAGINE oneself in a space of fond memories.

The Shared Value & Belief is that we all have an important role in this environment-each person is to be acknowledged and honored in the world. The residents are encouraged and included in designing the performance at all times. Their voices are VITAL in this process! Dr. Pegge Vissicaro, ASU School of Dance, facilitates this instruction.

Breath control is the most important aspect of this work-"Feel our sits bones firmly grounded onto the chair. Breathe in filling the lungs like a balloon." The individual begins this work by being totally self-focused in purposeful movement.

"Take our breath in as we lift our arms to the sky and follow the action with our gaze."

"Move as one body of energy lifting the arms up with quick purpose then allowing them to float down like feathers emptying the lungs as the arms return to resting position."

At the end of this activity persons are now being asked to be aware of one another and move in unison at their initiation of the specific gesture.

Phase # 2 Percussion & Rhythm - connecting to the heart beat of the earth and aerobic movement in dance (communal: patterned and repetitive, beginning to connect with one another).

This is all about having FUN and enjoying being with each other!!! The group meets twice a week for an hour.

Phase # 3 Creativity and Social Integration without a score the individuals respond to one another in a free form manner...

Even those with limited physical dexterity can be a part of this dance...


...moving together in harmony and balance, an interconnected system.

The sum of the parts creates the whole.

All ages and physical capabilities make for this united movement and dance with intention...The whole body is approached as integral to this process: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Nursing students are on site to take VITALS before and following movement as well as to provide additional wellness instruction. They too are being mentored through this holistic approach to creative aging populations.

In class, I absolutely love that we all relax first and stretch out, this is a calming process that also helps with connecting each person to one another, whether that realize that is occurring or not. Also, the stretching is simple enough and is not overly strenuous, which takes into account the population that comes to the dance class. Some of these people may not be as physically limber and this gives them an opportunity to engage from sitting position. The hula hoop: I had not played with a hula hoop since I was a little girl. Such a simple object can really connect a community and the music influenced the interactions and the way people move. I will definitely be coming back to dance class! - Sable Williams, student, ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Phrase # 4 In the end the participant comes back to the honoring space and retrieves the object of intention. With eyes focused someone in the audience the participant also reflects on the peacefulness of one’s body, she/he is reminded that as the environment affects us so we too can affect our environment by intentional action. Everybody and every living thing is interconnected and interrelated in a larger context of how we share a common space, a community and a world as ONE.

THOSE PARTICIPATING: Residents from the Westward Ho, ASU College of Nursing & Health Innovation students, Kay Jarrell-Clinical Instructor; Public Allies from ASU College of Public Programs; guests; Dr. Pegge Vissicaro, ASU School of Dance as the facilitator; judy butzine, Cultural Arts Coalition coordinator and documenter.

Our team is planning events on Wednesday, April 20th and on Friday, April 22nd during the morning in celebration of nationally recognized Earth Day 2011. We have been joined by Public Ally interns from the ASU College of Public Programs who will assist all of us. This "Move & Dance 4 Joy!" group will be performing that day for all the residents.

Process for Community Dance: Moving Communities through Creative Wellness and Social Integration, April 4, 2011

By judy butzine

Core Values ~ Moving Communities: Creative Wellness and Social Integration at the Westward Ho, 2010-2011

Mission and Vision Statement: This integrated wellness program was organized to meet a community need identified by the residents and the staff at the Westward Ho.

Arizona State University (ASU) Herberger School of Dance and the College of Nursing and Health Innovation have formed a partnership with the non-profit organization, Cultural Arts Coalition to design and implement a new model for collaboration that improves, enhances, strengthens, and sustains the highest quality of life for all people, particularly those aging citizens of Maricopa County. We have envisioned an integrated, holistic approach to promote mind-body fitness that empowers and engages older adults through self-awareness and group interaction. The model, Moving Communities through Creative Wellness and Social Integration explores how arts and wellness strategies positively impact the growth of self-sustaining, healthy communities.

  1. The needs of the community where this work is occurring have been assessed for available human and physical resources to promote and support arts and wellness programming.
  2. Layered and integrated arts and wellness programming is designed and implemented that AFFECTS the Whole Person: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually through individual and communal reflective and creative responses.
  3. These needs are being considered and implemented on a continuum of interaction with ALL participants: those contracted providers and those receiving the designed programming.
  4. This sequential, developmental programming is ongoing and requires establishing an aesthetically pleasing and safe space for the work to be facilitated providing for optimum social interaction.
  5. ASSET Based criteria are outlined at the beginning of this work considering the primary outcome of "Building Community".
  6. Partnerships and community collaborations build the foundation for this work to be well established and sustainable.
  7. This community building work can only occur though mutually shared missions and visions by the participating organizations who exhibit strong Leadership skills of Communication Excellence and Relationship Building processes.
  8. Documentation is essential for assessment and the modeling of this programming for continuity and replication.

Administrative staff of this programming:

Dr. Pegge Vissicaro, Dance Professor at ASU School of Dance

Kay Jarrell, ASU School of Nursing & Health Care Innovation, Clinical Instructor

Judy Butzine, Cultural Arts Coalition, Coordinator of Programming

We are also very respectful and appreciative of the expertise and direction at the Westward Ho by Linda Spencer, Manager, living on site and her staff: Sharon Phillips and Fran Watson

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