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Planetary Dance™ in Phoenix, Arizona sponsored by the Cultural Arts Coalition and Terra Dance, June 6, 2010, 0900, @ Phoenix Civic Space Park

Dance as Community was a powerful and very symbolic program! People brought their children to celebrate unity and life. It was beautiful to interact with the children present at this event; they were so receptive, so much fun and brought a beautiful energy into the space. The youngsters were able to make bracelets, read a book and join the adults in the dance.

Due to the negative political climate, economic hardship and changes that our state and world is facing, this community dance/run was much needed. It was a prayer, sent out to the universe for peace in our state and around the globe. The event served its purpose and people gathered to give honor to life; we achieved unity!
Dulce Juarez

Ben Boomer provided the Blessing at the onset of the dance/drumming run to bring us to a thoughtful focus on our intentions for the day that will remain with us during the coming year. Our goal was to create an interactive, inclusive and intentional healing experience that features dance as a "Community-Connecting Celebration" of guided movement.

Pegge Vissicaro, Terra Dance, instructed everyone in the process for this celebration run and then began the movement event with her stated intention.

The drumming was provided by Keith Johnson and Victor; both of these dear men provide thousands of children and adults with the healing rhythms that connect our heart beats to the heart beat of the Earth through percussion and movement each year.

This first planetary dance in Phoenix is to begin a tradition and was deemed important to provide a positive means to build community amongst a diverse population of residents. The Planetary Dance™ is an annual all-day ritual of healing and community renewal. It brings people of all ages and abilities together in a beautiful setting to "dance for a purpose." The Planetary Dance™ Community invites people all over the world to join in a dance for peace in their own communities and peace with the Earth.

Besides the drumming, the rhythm was kept with shekeres

I am so glad I got up and ran in the circle. It felt really great; the energy of the group is something that I cannot describe. An amazing way to start the day! Christy Puetz

Before the physical activity began the children were read a story by Joanne Ryder, Earth Dance. Adults and children were instructed to make a beaded bracelet or bead strand as a symbolic form of the intentions they set for the day.

Christy Puetz was available to discuss Beads of Courage™, a support program for children who have cancer

and the story of the Huichol people of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico, who chant and dance for the protection of the earth.

Melanie Ohm and Tsahai Dias assisted a person passing by to create his own beaded form which he left behind as a gift for his participation in this public celebration.

Fruits, fluids, nuts and healthy bakery snacks were available for ALL at the park provided by the Fair Trade Café (Thank you Michele)…as persons continued to set their intentions and send their energy to the heavens.

thanx Judy for today-what a beautiful presentation of color, stories, history and community. I felt happy all day, after our time together. It was inspiring. thank you for bringing us together. Mcmxxx (Michele Ceballos Michot)

Even the ASU Nursing students and their children came to participate and enjoy the community making to achieve wellness of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being.

The Planetary Dance™ program occurred around the world on this same day. It began in Paris and spread across Europe moving over the ocean to many urban sites throughout the USA. It was finishing up an around the world performance of community unity in Phoenix before traveling to San Rafael where the first planetary dance occurred under the direction of Anna Halprin 30 years ago.

judy butzine, Cultural Arts Coalition organizer, is very thankful for Silvia Rodriguez and Dulce Juarez who provided a safe engaging space for these dear children to enjoy the excitement of the day.

Thank you for such an opportunity to be a part of such an illuminating and life changing event. Dulce Juarez

At the end of the 25 minute run/movement for purposeful intentions the children joined the adults in a circle of unity for the ending meditation.

To gather many to this "act of peace building" from the diverse groups and cultures that form the greater Phoenix community was an achieved second goal.

The first annual planetary dance for peace held in Phoenix today, sponsored by the Cultural Arts Coalition, was extraordinary. The sense of connection to dancers around the globe was strong – as we set our own intentions it was clear we were weaving a global tapestry; a privileged opportunity, thank you! Holly Parsons

May Peace Prevail UPON the Earth for All!

I would like to thank Kristin Elise Fukuchi for the photos that comprise this photo review and Everyone who gave of their time to participate and assist in making this Celebration for Peace a memorable occasion!!!!!

Recorded by:
judy butzine and Melanie Ohm, June 8, 2010
Cultural Arts Coalition, co founders/directors