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Greeting the Dawn of the New Day in the Japanese Gardens, Phoenix, for 108 Sun Salutations and meditation, September 21, 2009, Monday.

Some of the members of the Community Collaborative for Peace who planned and facilitate the events of 2 days focused around the International Day of Peace, Sept. 21, 2009; gather in the early morning before the first light to embrace one another and THE NEW DAY at the Japanese Gardens.

Scott Schaefer and Ben Boomer began the day with Sacred Music and a Blessing of the Space.

Scott Schaefer has a CD called Sacred Waters with Mariana Miyoshi. - (602-570-9396)

Ben gave a blessing to the seven directions as everyone moved to that focus and mediated on the return to one’s sacred center for the day of mindful movements in this tranquil environment.

Located at the: Margaret T Hance Park 1125 N. 3rd Ave, a top the I-10 Tunnel in downtown Phoenix. We all thank Diana Larowe, Executive Director of the Japanese Gardens and tea room, for being another member of the Community Collaborative for Peace and providing this space for this early morning event.

Sharon Stetter, yoga instructor and member of Arizona Yoga Association, a co-host organization, designed and facilitated the day’s event.

Esther Vandecar and Ken Koshio of Fushicho Daiko, "Phoenix Drummers" provided the background vibrations that filled the area with feelings of Peace and Love for 2 hours.

These lower vibrations of sound have a means of emotionally connecting to our hearts, minds and souls lifting one’s spirits to the heavens.

The first light of the new day appeared shortly after the yoga and music began. The literature to embrace the universal need to “Greet the New Day in Ritual and Ceremony”around the world was provided through the short story by Arizona writer Byrd Baylor. The Way to Start a New Day, illustrated by Peter Parnell. This children’s literature is a means to embrace the concept that we are all more alike than unlike. Each culture has given honor to a means to acknowledge the early morning light.

Morning Rituals
By Victoria Dallas-Stephenson "vdallas" (Bronx, New York USA) -
I am an elementary school teacher. Byrd Baylor has helped me teach reading, and loving to read, to first through fourth grades. It seems the more reluctant readers are most easily hooked!
Each school morning in September, I read “The Way To Start A Day” to my class. By the end of September, children are saying the words with me. Soon, kids volunteer to read the book, alone, or in pairs, depending on their abilities.
The children take extra copies from the classroom book baskets, and read them to their families. They are surprised at how many of the words they can read. But the book has become so familiar to them; it doesn't surprise me at all!

The ending of the guided yoga practice by Sharon.

Some continued on their own for additional thoughtful meditation and movement. Others completed all 108 Sun Salutations which took over two hours.

Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Such phenomena have given rise to many examples of ritual significance.

Everyone walked away from the day’s event with a full and peaceful heart. Again the acknowledged “Act of Peace Building” is to still ones body, and mind in a purposefulness of focus that prevents one from any aggressive behavior.

We all thank Esther Vandecar & Ken Koshio for their incredible drumming and percussion vibrations that connected nature’s sounds and the heart beats of our bodies.

Additional Events occurred throughout the remainder of the day:

May Peace Prevail UPON the Earth For ALL!!!!

Events of the following day:

International Day of September 20th and 21st, Sunday and Monday, Schedule of Events: FREE to all in the Community & Organized by a Community Collaborative for Peace, all volunteers. Questions please contact judy butzine (602) 375-9553
Exhibition for International Day of Peace at ASU Downtown campus, 2nd floor, 411 N. Central Avenue Building, Phoenix. August 12, 2009 to January 11, 2010. Open to public
Date Time Description
9/20 6:00PM
Meet at Release the Fear's Grace Chapel (NW corner 3rd Ave. & Monroe) to begin Peace program. Attorney General Terry Goddard to introduce events. Open to public.
9/21 6:00AM
Japanese Gardens (3rd Ave. & Portland near Hance Park)-Sunrise Ceremony and Celebration with Yoga and meditation. $1.00 donation and/or nonperishable food item. Open to the Public.

Breakfast and art making activities at Call-A-Teen Charter School, closed to general public.
9/21 11:00AM
Peace Program in lobby at ASU DPc 411 N. Central Avenue Building. View exhibition on 2nd floor
9/21 12:00PM Flash Mob Dance at Arizona Center, 3rd Street & Van Buren, near Sam’s Café, Free to all to perform or view.
9/21 2:00PM
Panel discussion on “Tools for Community Peace Building” at ASU DPc. Open to Public
9/21 5:00PM
Closing Ceremony at Civic Park space on Central with lots of interactive entertainment. This includes visual artists’ reception and acknowledgment. Open to Public.
9/21 7:35PM
Walk across the street to ASU DPc, 2nd floor to honor artists whose work addresses this theme.

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