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Opening Ceremony @ Release the Fear, Grace Chapel in recognition of the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2009, Phoenix, Arizona

Event was co-hosted by Robert Miley, Release the Fear and the Cultural Arts Coalition, from 6:00-7:00 PM, Sept. 20th, Sunday

Symbols of Peace and processes designed and facilitated around “Acts of Peace Building” were visible everywhere. Ken Koshio and Robert Miley created wonderful Origami Peace Doves for the event.

Blair Coe Schweiger, Genesis Academy, and Gerald Richard, Special Policy Advisor for Law Enforcement

The painting area for two canvases designed by Carolina Parra Morales and Francisco Garcia was set up for all to add color and symbols during the event.

Board members from Release the Fear along with volunteers from multiple non-profits were on site to celebrate this incredible honoring of the United National recognition of Peace around the world.

The Program opened at 5:45 with the Jazz band students from the Arizona School of the Arts.

Many of the core planning committee participants for this Community Collaborative for Peace Program showed up: Ken Koshio, Sharon Stetter and Michele Ceballos Michot along with Ken’s son Miro. Sharon facilitated the next day’s early morning sunrise ceremony with yoga and meditation at the Japanese Garden.

The mission statement for this group of concerned persons was declared: In recognition of the International Day of Peace in Arizona, we are creating, through demonstrations and celebrations, a tradition of Practical Acts of PEACE.

There were many students from Orangewood Elementary in attendance to perform the Flash Mob Dance.

In acknowledgement of giving respect to Intentions for “Acts of Peace Building” multiple cultures were represented and persons from these cultural backgrounds were heard throughout the 36 hours of ongoing events.

Everyone was invited to approach the canvases and add their color or design to the evolving artworks in thoughtful reflection for their particular intentions of "Acts of Peace Building" in the future.

Peace building activities aim at building understanding and tolerance between individuals, communities and societies and establishing new structures of Cooperation. Peace building activities range in scale from personal acts of kindness toward others to global inter-governmental programs.

State Attorney General Terry Goddard was there to acknowledge the events of the next day with a state proclamation...

All ages were also in attendance to begin to grasp the importance of developing, promoting and supporting a Culture of Peace where all persons might have Universal Rights of Freedom...

The Jazz ensemble performs many levels of music with an emphasis on ensemble performance and improvisation.

Parents came to support these youth and to thank them for all their hard work academically and artistically.

Robert Miley, judy butzine and Melanie Ohm together introduced Attorney General Terry Goddard and thanked him as well for his tireless support of the arts over these many years. As Mayor of Phoenix Terry brought the Phoenix Public Arts program to the level of national recognition that it now enjoys.

Much respect was paid to Mr. Goddard and persons within his office in recognition of the work they have done to reduce crime throughout our state.

Robert Miley and members of his board presented Terry with a Fearless Leader Award of Excellence for all of his endeavors.

Immediately following this recognition C-c Braun, instructor at Glendale Community College and participant within the Cultural Arts Coalition, led her group in a Dance of Peace. This was an introduction to the Flash Mob Dance performance that she guided the next day at Noon at the Arizona Center with over 50 persons in a Public Act of Peace.

The purpose of all art is to create an external reflection of the self. The use of dance or movement in any situation allows for the participant to indulge in self reflection. When a group of people come together at a time and place to dance, they move towards a common idea. The flash mob dance done for the International Day of Peace created interconnected communities of movers that work together to create a dance that reflected as a group the idea of peaceful movement.

"The use of movement as a healing tool is rooted in the idea that the body and the mind are inseparable. Its basic premise is that body movement reflects inner emotional states and that changes in movement behavior can lead to changes in the psyche, thus promoting health and growth." Fran Levy

A silent meditation at the end to set an Intention for Peace around the World.

The continued painting of the 2 canvases during the evening brought many opportunities for persons to observe the symbols that were purposefully selected, an awareness of innocence of our children. Their right to have a safe place to live with food, medical care and education is essential in any democratic nation. Our responsibilities as parents and adults are to provide and support an environment where these rights are universal.

Malissa Geer, ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus Community Liaison Representative, speaks to one of the teachers, Regan Schwartz from Orangewood Elementary, who was so supportive of this programming from the onset during these past months of preparation and planning.

Malissa, Judy and Melanie Ohm act as a team in the community to provide programming through both ASU Downtown Phoenix campus and the Cultural Arts Coalition that meets the needs of the community and the issues that come out of university research and community concerns.

By engaging students of all ages from all parts of the world civic dialogue is facilitated in a non-threatening manner to allow for multiple perspectives to be heard and thoughtfully processed. Here Dulce Juarez, an ASU graduate student in International Studies, brings a young Spanish and French student to enjoy the evening.

It is an honor to mentor and provide safe spaces for these vital, critical thinking, and developing minds to find solutions as they become our leaders of the future.

“The cornerstone of a peaceful and tolerant society is education” * Anna Davis social studies teacher, Orangewood Elementary School

May Peace Prevail UPON the Earth For ALL!!!!

Events of the following day:

International Day of September 20th and 21st, Sunday and Monday, Schedule of Events: FREE to all in the Community & Organized by a Community Collaborative for Peace, all volunteers. Questions please contact judy butzine (602) 375-9553
Exhibition for International Day of Peace at ASU Downtown campus, 2nd floor, 411 N. Central Avenue Building, Phoenix. August 12, 2009 to January 11, 2010. Open to public
Date Time Description
9/20 6:00PM
Meet at Release the Fear's Grace Chapel (NW corner 3rd Ave. & Monroe) to begin Peace program. Attorney General Terry Goddard to introduce events. Open to public.
9/21 6:00AM
Japanese Gardens (3rd Ave. & Portland near Hance Park)-Sunrise Ceremony and Celebration with Yoga and meditation. $1.00 donation and/or nonperishable food item. Open to the Public.

Breakfast and art making activities at Call-A-Teen Charter School, closed to general public.
9/21 11:00AM
Peace Program in lobby at ASU DPc 411 N. Central Avenue Building. View exhibition on 2nd floor
9/21 12:00PM Flash Mob Dance at Arizona Center, 3rd Street & Van Buren, near Sam’s Café, Free to all to perform or view.
9/21 2:00PM
Panel discussion on “Tools for Community Peace Building” at ASU DPc. Open to Public
9/21 5:00PM
Closing Ceremony at Civic Park space on Central with lots of interactive entertainment. This includes visual artists’ reception and acknowledgment. Open to Public.
9/21 7:35PM
Walk across the street to ASU DPc, 2nd floor to honor artists whose work addresses this theme.

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