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C.A.C. Oct 19 meeting notes

October 19, 2006 Cultural Arts Coalition Gathering at the MonOrchid

Present: Melanie Ohm, judy butzine, Carmen de Novais, Joe Willie Smith, Robert Miley, Noel Barton, Sharon Stetter and Erica Stetter (a student at Metro Arts), and Christy Puetz.

Objective: To identify the thematic focus for a public forum in the fall, arriving at a name for the event; and to discuss the structure of that forum.

Joe Willie Smith shared thoughts about the graphic image he created around a dialogue with Judy B and the idea of water. JWS gave this graphic design to CAC, and we discussed using this powerful image for the publicity materials for the fall forum.

Objective 1: The following word and phrase streams were pulled out of the conversation that followed. At the end, the group identified those kernels of thought, word and image that they felt most strongly evoked the themes of the day's dialogue; that text is underlined.

  • Commonalities
  • Universality of the arts - (Communication and meaning making)
  • Themes of human condition
  • Concepts of art & being
  • Community & place
  • "I am because we are"
  • Internal spark of arts in all
  • CAC - common ground
  • What are our human qualities? being & expression
  • Arts at the center of community: Take it away and you take away the WATER - SURVIVAL
  • CAC: Salons & public exposure strength of voice
  • Integration, Pilgrimage, Rites of passage
  • Ritual & daily practices, community practices
  • Acceptance, demystification
  • Expectations
  • Dialogue, places for conversation
  • The arts stimulate possibility
  • Get out of the ego
  • Art with "FUNCTIONALITY" beyond utility
  • VALIDATION for community & individual
  • Campaign as process
  • Building a quilt - all contributing
  • Inspire

Objective 2: Structure of the Forum
Effective programs & guiding "principles" (change to "practices"?) - featured

Other ideas:

  • Workshops
  • Tracks based on common themes
  • "Experts"
  • Campaign
  • Guided conversations about certain ideas, concepts

The idea of a campaign was the response to the question, How do we build continuity & growth?

In order to create a successful campaign, we need to respond to the following questions: How do we create multiple points of impact with their corresponding ripples? And where? How do we build a process going into the forum that allows participants to be heard? And then wield creative influence in the community in the months to follow?

Objective 1 Revisited: Thematic focus for the Event - suggested name for the forum

  • Gathering Cultures; Sharing Creativity