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Giving Honor to Dr. Eugene Grigsby

Giving Honor to Dr. Eugene Grigsby, Jr., at the Heddenart Gallery, November 1, 2007

Heddenart Gallery is honored to announce the acquisition of the Eugene Grigsby Jr. collection!

Dr. Eugene Grigsby just turned 89 years of age. His art opened at the Heddenart Gallery in Scottsdale on November 1st, "89 Years, 89 Pieces-A Celebration" giving honor to his birth and the artworks Eugene Grigsby creates that are all about a dialogue for civic engagement.

Dr. Eugene Grigsby Jr. at the Heddenart Gallery, opening reception. November 1st, 2007.

Dr. Grigsby has organized exhibitions of African art for the Heard Museum, authored a text, Art and Ethics: Background for Teaching in a Pluralistic Society, and founded the Consortium of Black Organizations and Others for the Arts (COBA).

He holds degrees, including a Ph.D., in art, art history and art education from Morehouse College, Ohio State University and New York University. He came to Phoenix following World War II to teach art at Carver High School, and in 1954 he moved to Phoenix Union High School. He joined the faculty at Arizona State University in 1966 where he retired in 1988. Grigsby also served as a Trustee of Phoenix Art Museum.

Sebastiao Pereira, South Mt. H.S. Visual arts teacher originally from Brazil talks with Sharon Stetter, former Gallery owner and past curator for a Cultural Arts Coalition Community Exhibition ( Dr. Bernard Young, ASU Art Education professor is at far right.

Dr. Grigsby is one of the most sought after artists in the world today. He name is recognized by art historians and collectors everywhere.

Persons attended the 3 days of gallery receptions from all walks of life and past histories of Eugene Grigsby's life.

The beautiful voice of Margo Reed provided the background music for the November first reception.

Robert "Bob" Martin, President of the Board at the Scottsdale Artist School, and Jackie Hodge, Dr. Grigsby's framer, speak with Sharon. Jackie and Sharon had worked together and shared a space in Scottsdale many years ago.

"Sonny " Sholola, artist and instructor at South Mountain H.S., is originally from Nigeria. He and Sebastiao share stories about their participation with COBA over the years and the influence of Eugene Grigsby upon their lives.

Former students of Dr. Eugene Grigsby came to the gallery to give honor and respect to this incredible mentor. Jim Covarrubias, visual artist and film maker, was one of those art education students instructed by Eugene at ASU. Jim spoke with Sharon and me about the methodology utilized by Eugene to bring out the best in each one of his students. Dr. Grigsby also presented the art history lessons and the critical inquiry components of the lesson demanding each student to question one's direction in life and to carefully assess capability to impact community as an artist, teacher or community participant through artistic expression and imagination.

Participants within the Cultural Arts Coalition rely heavily on this dear man's wisdom. We thank you Dr. Eugene Grigsby, Jr., for enriching our community and so many lives.