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Art Detour

March 3 & 4, 2007, Noon to 5:00 PM, Phoenix, AZ

Art Detour Worth Taking by Kerry Lengel Arizona Republic, March 3, 2007 (READ ON)

"The First Fridays art tour has become one of the biggest parties in downtown Phoenix, with 10,000 people converging once a month to sip martinis, listen to music and , oh yeah, look at art. The annual Art Detour is kind of like First Fridays on steroids. There are fewer galleries and studio spaces included than in the monthly version, but the two-day Detour draws bigger crowds because there's more time to spend with the art." Lengel

We started at Burton Barr library in the main gallery, venturing to the children's library where many art making activities for youth were occurring.

Persons who started the tour at the library with children had an experience of interacting with art making activities that were sooo….much fun!

Sylvia Long, artist and children's book illustrator, was there to autograph her books. Her original art work for this literature is framed and hangs throughout this children's reading space.

Many persons parked their cars at Burton Barr Library and rode the Art Detour Buses to the various artists' Galleries and Studios.

Persons toured not only galleries exhibiting multiple artists' work, but individual artist's studios where one could view many of their artworks and see them in their creative spaces.

City Wide Studio: an exciting community features seven artists, representing various mediums, including ceramic, mixed media, painting, print making and sculpture. City Wide Studio showcasing the works of Alex Hutchinson, Chris Caufield, Deborah Hodder, Jeff Lyon, Tim Chapman, Thuong Nguyen and Ursula Vicari.

Thuong Nguyen's studio

The Entrance to Thoung's studio is an artful expression as well

Artists in the outdoors enjoying music and the day.

"I have also heard the stories numerous times from galleries. They tell me they have individuals who wait for the $99 show and only buy from their gallery at that time, but that they are OK with it. The reason, those small collections become big collections, and then they are courted by museum. I know one such example at this very moment. An artist in Los Angeles who only purchased work at $99 shows because it was all he could afford. Most of the works were by emerging artists at the time, but now that list of artists is some of the most important artists in the artworld. There are actually three major museums courting him for his collection at this moment. The works will find a home in a museum collection and be cared for generations to come. Good for the gallery, good for the collector, good for the artists, good for the community". E-mail from John Spiak, Curator at ASU Art Museum, Tempe, to the community concerning criticism of the Art Detour event.

In front of the Icehouse

Picture of Phoenix City Jail across the Street from the Icehouse

Susan Copeland's Installation at the Icehouse in the Cathedral room.

"Events such as Art Detour bring in a very diverse audience, many of whom are experiencing the artworld for the very first time. An opportunity to purchase a quality work of art at this event at a very reasonable price can be a lifetime hook to an individual, building a collector for life. Sometimes it is the long term vision and approach that may work best." John Spiak

Icehouse Flea Market scene

"As for the IceHouse, I think their approach is just as valid at this point within this city. Our city is just beginning to develop (or redevelop for those who remember galleries like Finch, Radix and of course the still operating Paulina Miller Gallery) a structure of true gallery systems for local artists, galleries that represent artists, both emerging and established. Multiple galleries that are fighting over the talented artists, courting the artists to be represented by their galleries. I am not referring to collectives, co-ops or weekend galleries, I am talking about a true gallery structure where a group of artists are represented by a gallerist. A gallerist who is there all the time and working for the artists with respect - marketing, promoting, connecting and creating systems for those artists to succeed in their career track. Positioning their artists, not only within our community, but in other communities as well - with collectors, museum, other galleries, grants, residencies, corporate collections and art fairs." John Spiak

Christy Puetz, Beads Of Courage

Christy Puetz, mixed media artist and teacher is also a facilitator of Beads Of Courage. This non-profit organization takes programs of wellness into hospitals where there are children being treated for various types of cancer. Beads of Courage, Inc. achieves its mission through the development and implementation of evidence-based supportive care programs in children's hospitals across the nation. Christy sold beaded bracelets and had participants create their own bracelets with all the procedes going to Beads Of Courage.

An Alley artist's studio off of Roosevelt Street

A random piece of public art

Renovated gallery on Roosevelt Street

Old house getting ready to be demolished off Roosevelt Street

"Making images is like drinking water in the world through my fingers"
Josie Taglienti, MonOrchid Mystery Gallery

Additional artwork at MonOrchid Mystery Gallery.

Trinity Cathedral also located on Roosevelt Street

The weekend was beautiful, enjoying friends and art!!! Put Art Detour on your calendar for 2008, the 20th Annual Studio & Gallery Tour, Phoenix.

Cultural Arts Coalition/Celebrating Global Communities
The Mission of the Cultural Arts Coalition, Arizona: 501 (c) 3
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