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World Community Arts Day

February 17, 2007!!!

Some of you may not be aware of an invaluable resource to the Community Arts & Cultural Development community The Community Arts Network (CAN) online at

"The Community Arts Network (CAN) is a portal to the field of community arts, providing news, documentation, theoretical writing, communications, research and educational information. Headquartered at its Web site on the Internet, CAN is a program of Art in the Public Interest (API), a nonprofit organization based in North Carolina. For a complete explanation of CAN's mission and activities, see the Welcome page."

Display art in your community

If you are interested in more information about Community Arts, see Community Arts 101 at:

CAN promo at:

Performing arts

For more information or to participate, go to the WORLD COMMUNITY ARTS DAY WEBSITE:

February 17, 2007!!!

Create art together!