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A message from Robert Booker

Mr. Robert Booker, the new Executive Director for the Arizona Commission on the Arts, shares conversation with participants of the Cultural Arts Coalition at Virginia and Jose Cardenas' beautiful home, Tuesday, February 21st.

Mr. Booker and Marco Albarran, founder of Calacca Cultural Centr, Phx

Virginia Cardenas, Hostess and Tlisza Jaurique, artist-teacher

Dear Mr. Booker,
> Thank you so much for coming this evening to the Cardenas' lovely house.
> It was a great exchange of ideas!
> And a big thanks to Jose and Virginia for being such wonderful hosts
> as always.
> Welcome to Arizona and we look forward to working with you again.
> Let's stay in touch and make some wonderful arts program happen in our
> state.
> Sincerely,
> Carmen de Novais
> Producer/Manager

Thank you for the kind note. Indeed, it was a great evening of conversation and connection. It is always nicer in a persons home with great food isn't it. It was a real treat for me to meet Jose Cárdenas, their son, and see his and Virginia's incredible art collection. What a warm home.

Jose and Virginia Cadenas' Latino art collection

Jose A. Benavides, artist-enginer

Please lets keep the conversation going between us all. I appreciate your work in the communities of Arizona and your passion for the transformative nature of the arts. Together we can work to ensure that everyone has that experience in our state. Thank you so very much. All my best, Bob Booker

Robert Miley observing thematic artworks