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C.A.C. Ofrenda at Museum of Northern Arizona

Participants of the Cultural Arts Coalition have contributed material forms and photos for their communal ofrenda that gives honor to those cultures, artists, teachers and mentors who have affected us in inspirational and positives ways.

The Arts provide a means to represent different perspectives and philosophies about answering questions that deal with "Universal Shared Human Concerns". The shrines in this exhibition examine sculptural artworks as a means to communicate these shared ideas, values and beliefs. Viewers may analyze the variety of 3 dimensional forms and explore materials, contexts and styles. Making the ofrenda is a material means for focusing on life's gifts and cycles, one's place in that process and a way to give thanks. Click on images for larger versions:
Facade of Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, Arizona.
The C.A.C. altar is set up near the entrance of the museum. The objects are visual arts, fruits and vegetables, WATER, marigolds, C.D.'s of relevant music, books, tapestries from around the world, candles and photos of mentors and loved ones. This community altar is representational of the universality of the creative spirit that exists in all of us.
Close-up of altar with candles of honoring lit.
Altar of a local resident's honoring family members.
A second altar created outside in the courtyard to honor the process of "Dia de los Muertos"